Gartner magic quadrant

Cloud Contact maakt gebruik van het Odigo platform van Prosodie, onderdeel van IT dienstverlener Capgemini.

In een recent onderzoek heeft Gartner dit platform benoemd als “Leader” op het gebied van Contact Cdnter as a Service platformen.

We zijn er trots op dat we dit platform aan onze klanten kunnen aanbieden.

Capgemini (Prosodie)

Capgemini, which is based in Paris, France, is a system integrator that acquired Prosodie in 2011.
Odigo is the cloud-based platform for its digital interaction hub proposition. Capgemini has data
centers in France, Spain, the Netherlands, the U.K., North America and Brazil, and recently
expanded into Singapore. Capgemini’s focus in this market is on delivering tight integration with
business applications for front-office and back-office solutions. Sales activities are exclusively direct
through Capgemini’s Odigo business unit or other Capgemini business units. Odigo was launched

in 2005 for Western Europe; in 2014 for Eastern Europe, North America and Latin America; and in
2015 for Asia/Pacific.
Consider Capgemini’s Odigo platform for Pan-European or global deployments and when you want
support for customer service transformation projects with Capgemini.


■ Capgemini is a top 10 IT services business. It has strengths in consulting and digital business,
for which its Odigo platform is well placed to execute in the customer interaction space.
■ Odigo is evaluated as a front-office capability in this Magic Quadrant, but its ability to support
both front-office and back-office communications enables Capgemini to lead with Odigo as part
of its approach to digital business transformation.
■ Capgemini has a strong installed base of large contact center customers across Europe and
North America, with distributed data centers to support a resilient and robust Odigo platform.

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